Q for dev folks:

I am very new to deploying anything on CI/CD beyond static sites. I've made a lil Python app and want to package it up with pyinstaller and share the various executables as assets on a release in GitLab. Is there no way to just upload executables I've bundled locally? Do I have to figure out GitLab CI jobs for pyinstaller? I don't get how that would work for making macOS/Windows versions (also don't like automating until I've had a chance to do something myself at least once)

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@The_BFOOL Python binaries can't be built easily for platforms other than the one they're running on, it's not like Go. In general Python binary distribution is pretty bad (but still workable)

@axfelix right - I'm fine/resigned to that and I think have the ability to build for each platform (M1 macOS is TBD)

so maybe this question is even dumber than it seems and is just: where do I...put the files once I have them? GitLab seems to assume you do everything through CI, even when, as you say, that's not an option here

@The_BFOOL I _think_ you can create a Release from a tag and then attach files to it?

@ashley @anj unless I'm missing something on GitLab, you have to provide a link to external storage for any non-CI-generated assets; they don't let you just upload arbitrary files to attach to a release (which I guess makes sense for their costs and not accidentally becoming a storage service for non-code)

I can just use my Nextcloud for that for now, will have to look into other options later

@The_BFOOL @anj sorry my experience has only been with GitHub!

@ashley @anj no worries!! I appreciate the sanity check that that's like, the way people would do it; I am sure I will start learning more of the actual differences between GitHub and GitLab now that I'm doing something more complicated than just docs

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