I'm unable to put my brain to anything more "productive" at the moment, so investigating Atom alternatives now

Playing a bit with VSCodium (VSC compiled with proprietary branding/config/telemetry removed):

it would do, but still annoyed at how over-powered and busy IDEs are for someone who pretty much just wants to write and preview various markup docs and maybe a few simple scripts. Atom threaded the needle really nicely.

is the answer paying for Sublime Text?

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(I refuse to play the shareware pop-up game with Sublime)

@The_BFOOL I finally switched from sublime to VSCode after a solid decade last year, because I wasn’t too impressed with Sublime 4 and VSCode does a better job of reconciling "I don’t really need a full IDE but it would be nice if my text editor was more like a REPL sometimes" than anything else I’ve ever seen

@axfelix that makes sense - I guess in general I just wish there was a healthier ecosystem of plain-text editors fit to suit different contexts rather than trying to be all things to all kinds of "coders" at once

@The_BFOOL oh, I mean, there are tons and tons of zettelkasten markdown editors alone… take a look at typora or obsidian (my favourite) or zettlr

@The_BFOOL I adopted obsidian at around the same time I switched from sublime to vscode for actual code-writing and I think the 2 of those cover off that same use case pretty well and they both have added features for their respective use cases

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