I'm enjoying the little digipres library I'm building up next to my desk:

- Home Computers: 100 Icons That Defined a Generation
- How Video Works
- Black Software
- Re-Collection
- Kill It With Fire
- The Theory and Craft of Digital Preservation
- Race After Technology
- 1995: the Year the Internet Broke 😈
- Breaking Things At Work
- The Real World of Technology
- Subprime Attention Crisis
- Computing (by Ceruzzi)
- Glitch Feminism

...what am I missing? 😇

@The_BFOOL I bought a copy of _Inside the Personal Computer: An Illustrated Introduction in 3 Dimensions_ a couple years ago, pretty fun!

@The_BFOOL Have you read the Olia Lialina retrospective? It’s mostly focused on art, but there’s some very interesting discussions of preservation of net art and the way that ends up working in the art itself.

@misty no! I remember when this came out but somehow it dropped off my radar/reading list - sounds great, thanks for the reminder!

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