It's been a tough month, such that I haven't had a chance to properly hype: I've been published!!!

The Handbook of Archival Practice is a new and really neat encyclopedic snapshot of current activities around preserving both analog and digital materials. There's a great balance of traditional and emerging concerns, and I was kindly invited to contribute the entry on "Emulation"!


much thanks to Dr. Patricia Franks, who both personally invited me to write this and was a wonderful editor to work with, helping me give both a concise definition of terms but also (I think) give a pretty clean summary and illustration of emulation's possibilities in archiving

I've been really enjoying perusing the whole thing, check it out (or maybe encourage your library/program to pick up a copy) if you can!

and just for the folks on Mastodon: it's a textbook, so I realize the pricing is hefty, especially for the ebook version - so just hit me up if you'd be interested in a scan of my chapter or any other (reasonable) section of the book you'd be interested in. esp if it's for students/teaching purposes

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