I have been forcing myself to take a slice of time out of each day to work on stagnant personal projects (the ones that bring me great joy!)

So today I pushed some long-simmering edits to the Cable Bible! Like, edits I've been meaning to make for three years!



New highlights are small but include:
- proper sample images and better descriptions for a number of serial data protocols (three years of working with old contooters has really helped me know what I'm talking about here better)
- attempts to explain USB 3.x, USB4, and Thunderbolt 4
- ...what *is* MIDI?

I've also drafted a PR to include a note on my thoughts re: gendered language bulsh*t in the contribution guidelines. Since it's an organizational repository, I want the go-ahead from some of the other maintainers/AMIA open source commitee members before I push something that could be read as speaking for others, though I don't expect any objection. +1s or just general feedback from anyone on the writing appreciated tho!


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