The thought just occurred to me that I should probably update the Cable Bible for USB 3.2, 4.0, and Thunderbolt 4, but since there's been no changes to the connectors at all I'm considering just listing them with a caption that says "you're on your own"


We've really just re-run the parallel SCSI situation, but in a way that will just be even more confusing to future archivists, huh

I'm often jealous of TBM conservators for the way those jobs generally encourage one to sit down and figure out *one* weird digital object/artwork at a time, but this is a place general archivists will have the sanity advantage

As long you find a USB-C cable, it's prob not going to matter much to get data off a hard drive or whatever, but you *know* some monster is out there designing a Nam June Paik-ish installation piece that requires 500 Thunderbolt 4-only 4K monitors

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