All my web archivist colleagues - is there a tool/script floating out that I can just feed a list/CSV of URLs and get back (if any) Wayback links?

Even better would be if I could just point it a plain-text/source file and it just pulled the URLs itself

something like the Broken Link Checker plugin I use on my Wordpress blog - but, y'know, not in PHP...

@The_BFOOL might be useful here but it's prone to breaking 😅 It doesn't give you the wayback url, this might be something that's included in the API but I don't remember

@joe oh thanks! the API can definitely return the captured snapshot URL, so I could probably figure out how to tweak that

@edsu @sam thank you!!! yes, either/both of these seem like they will probably do the trick, or get me close enough

Just, no matter how many tutorials I've done, I'm very bad at thinking through/starting a Python script from scratch, and much better at looking at an existing thing that's close and make it do exactly what I want

@The_BFOOL @sam happy to field questions - the cdx api is non trivial and kind of finicky

@edsu @sam I don't think I need the CDX API, just the Availability JSON API - just want to pull the URL for the newest snapshot

this one (linked in that gist you sent) seems to do it cleanly. turns out cleanly parsing the URLs to give to it is the trickier bit, so I'm in the mode of calculating "will it take longer to figure out how to automate this or just feed 'em individually and copy-paste" (it's not that big a file...)

@The_BFOOL About 6 years ago I wrote something in Python that does exactly this: Example input file: Just did a quick test and it still seems to work. You'll have to use Python 2.7.x though (or modify it for Python 3).

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