Over the past month our landlord kept tinkering with our wifi/internet setup (internet included in our rent) without checking with us first at inconvenient moments (basically anytime 9-5 on weekdays...)

This was really frustrating, esp since he means well and was trying to make things better for us knowing we are stuck WFH

...but now at the end of it we've got a mesh wifi set up and I'm hitting ~600/20 Mbps on wireless and like I didn't even realize that was possible???

@The_BFOOL among other reasons this is why I am not a landlord; I would be just as unhelpfully obsessive

@axfelix that upload though!!

a decade of more or less no control over my home wifi, I've been resigned to 50/1 powered by Comcast™️ forever

@The_BFOOL my wife works for our telco currently so we get cheap fibre (I think it actually maxes at symmetric 1500, that's just my wifi that I was thinking of upgrading, ha ha), though I admit I was a little worried about the Freudian implications of her getting the job because when I was growing up my mom worked for the cable company so we got cheap cable

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