Finally did the thing and got a Hey account and am moving over my various personal Gmails. Impressions so far:

- The Feed is a *really* good idea. Since I don't get distracring notifications for them, all those newsletters for orgs and companies I actually like are no longer stressful and become a thing to flip through by choice instead of social media.

- Screening out dumb nonsense auto-marketing accounts forever is way easier than searching for the hidden "unsubscribe" and extremely good


Less great:

- Listservs need work. The suggestion to bundle contacts doesn't really work when you can only bundle based on "From" contacts, no "To" contacts (unless I'm missing something). Putting all those on digest mode is necessary, not the worst thing anyway.

- "Imbox" is still a cognitively annoying word. But, the concept is solid and it's wild that after a week I have like two threads in there and yes, those are the only ones that actually needed my attention or a response

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