Anyone aware of PPT or Google Slides templates that try to mimic mid-90s software aesthetic?

Basically trying to make my slides look like this, but also currently lacking the energy to actually migrate or work in Office 95

@andrewjbtw it feels like, given the popularity of e.g. Neocities, this would/should be a thing

@ashley oh, that's a real interesting idea! the idea for the presentations I have in mind is that they will wind up embedded on the EaaSI/SPN site - which is a bunch of custom Wordpress, so that might get tricky. but if I test and settle on it quickly enough, could probably get the specs to the web contractor...

@The_BFOOL ahhhh I feel that pain. I don't know what your ideal target format is, but Remark should work with a 'print to PDF' browser feature, if you want to work/design in markdown+css but have it end up as an embedded powerpoint prez

@ashley why yes i WILL spend Friday in pursuit of such an elaborate workflow for the sake of this joke, thank you

@The_BFOOL Hahaha. Remark can easily work as a standalone HTML page, so it can't get too fancy!

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