Running out of things in my "to read" pile, can't/really shouldn't order any new books before moving, getting dangerously close to Carrie's college copy of Moby Dick, what do I do

@ashley yeah...since both my day job and hobbies involve staring at screens I have had real trouble trying ebooks on my phone too

(But thanks to @vickysteeves's recommendation my reMarkable 2 tablet pre-order is in so I can't wait for that to maybe change in August!!!)

@The_BFOOL ok! but also you are moving to New England so when's a better time to read Moby Dick? I read it when I lived in Mass


In the Heart of the Sea would be a great companion read to Moby Dick (it tells the story that Moby Dick is based on)

Also start on your Stephen King novels if you're moving to New England! I'm from Mass (my hometown is ~15min north of where Ashley used to live!) and he's still huge there. References are commonplace

@vickysteeves @The_BFOOL I also felt very obliged to read the House of Seven Gables since it was literally at the end of my block


Omg! The reMarkable is gonna change your life! Can't wait to swap templates when yours (and mine, also pre-ordered gen2 :blobouin: ) gets there!

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