Help for an XML novice: I have a set of individual XML files/records. I want to extract the value of two or three elements in each record and export those to, e.g. a CSV.

Can I do this with XPath?

@The_BFOOL XPath + XSLT can do this, but XPath alone just points at the elements.

@The_BFOOL Personally I'd use Python with an XML parser. As @anj says, XSLT can do it. You'd need the xpaths for either. If you're interested in the Python path, I can give you some code snippets later today which should get you underway.

@platypus @The_BFOOL if you’re up for doing it in Python it also makes it a bit easier to manage the CSV. XSLT can output plain text but it’s clunky.

@anj @platypus something in Python would actually be perfect - in context, we already have a Python script (written by former student) that takes software objects based on an input ID and creates XML records for EaaSI, including a newly-generated UUID.

The UUID is what actually shows up in our platform, so I want that ID->UUID pairing to match precisely what I'm looking at. Incorporating a new snippet into the existing script would be way more efficient than adding another step!

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