Successfully migrated all personal files from Google Drive to a Nextcloud instance on a Digital Ocean droplet!

Also got Collabora Online running with it for in-browser editing and sharing - seemed like it had a lower overhead than OnlyOffice, a bit finicky to set up but seems to be working well

now, what's the easiest way to start pushing people to use your ProtonMail account instead of Gmail without them a) hating you or b) missing a bunch of messages

@The_BFOOL Can't you just set up an autoforward in gmail (explained here to your ProtonMail address? Then always use your ProtonMail address for sending/replying, so over time people will stop using the gmail one.

@bitsgalore true, sure, I guess it is more that I feel "guilty" because I just transitioned between Gmail addresses not too long ago (a year or two), so it feels like I'm dithering

But duh of course I wouldn't actually miss anything

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