How do y'all keep track of terminal commands that are super handy but you will still probably only use them once every ~3 months and completely forget the flags/syntax/regex in the meantime

@The_BFOOL I search my bash history a lot. Also look at man pages, use the help flags, and occasionally keep notes. There's a couple regexes I put in a text file in my home directory that I copy and paste as needed. I wish I was more disciplined about tracking that kind of thing.

@andrewjbtw yeah, certain tools' man/help pages are not very helpful tho

But I should point out that has cut down on this issue *a lot* - probably the answer is to write my own local tldr pages!

@The_BFOOL yeah there's some awful ones. I forgot to mention I also do the Google search thing a lot. But if it's something I've done before, "history | grep" or "history | less" is my first step.

@despens @The_BFOOL depending on your shell, you may be able to type ctrl-r to search through your history, which is super handy if you just remember part of the command. It can get dangerous if you start using it too quickly though!

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