This will be my terrible idea thread, where I post about all of my terrible ideas that I get.

- A bot that tweets/toots/whatever newly indexed websites added to Google's data base, I'm sure that will end well
- A spell checker that will sometimes correct the user on a word that they got right just to confuse them
- A bot that posts memes made by an AI (this already probably exists)
- Kind of like a battle royale but every time you shoot, a random document on your computer gets deleted

- Connect Four but over E-Mail/IM/even through snail mail (you pretend that gravy is a thing, @ me if you want to try this lol)
- A bot that will post the average image and title of a post on a certain subreddit, for example the mean post on r/CasualUK may be a photo of some tea merged with one of a red bus with the title of "Been living in the UK for all of my life, I hate ITV"

- An OS that is entirely made from HTML


- A Twitter/Masadon bot that reblogs posts made on odd devices, for example the bot would reblog a post made on the LG Smart Refrigerator.


- A bot that posts each number of pi one number at a time
- Like those images that are Bible quotes, but they are just Yahoo Answers from random people
- Like but the images are tweeted out

- A whole album where the lyrics were made by an AI or even auto correct.
- A bot that posts weather reports but doesn't say where the reports are for.
- An art gallery that will except *anything* for £5
- Rather than using the Web, large companies (Google, Facebook, IKEA, etc) will instead use the Gopher protocol.

- So there are Twitter and Masadon bots that post xkcd comics when they are published, along with an official newsletter, but that is (as far as I am aware) no xkcd fax machine newsletter or postal service for them. That needs to change.

- A social media account that replies to a post made by a complete stranger by sending an audio file of them reading out what the first person posted, bonus if they are screaming out loud.

- A dictionary that is only made up of slag terms that I have heard, or alternatively, words that I (a person with dyslexia) have misspelt.
- Like a swear jar but for when people don't use the ISO 8601 date format.
- A bot that comments on social media posts that are over ten years old, just to really confuses the person who made the original post.
- DDR but it's life or death.
- Like a swear jar but for whenever someone says "y'all" and isn't a cowboy.

- A bot that merges two swear words together to make a new one (I'm sure all of the 14-year-olds are laughing so hard right now at that idea).
- A video of ever Vevo music video played at once.
- Like those bots that post screenshots of changes made to Wikipedia using a Whitehouse IP/related building, but the bot posts screenshots of changes that were removed (changes made by *any* user mind you, not just Whitehouse ones), the larger the better.

- A Masadon that is in the style of Facebook, but the whole idea basically boils down to all of its users being bots pretending to be middle-aged people interacting with one another

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