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I've not been as active in 2021 on the fediverse as I'd have liked to have been - but it's been a huge year of change and growth for me and I'm still finding my feet, my place, and who I am in this new world I live in.

I'm ending 2021 with so many positive and wonderful things around me, and I'm excited to share 2022 with you all.

To all who I've interacted with this year on here: your impact on me continues to be important, real, and appreciated.

You all rock <3

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I recorded my pie shrinking after I took it out of the oven, and then I looped it and it looks like it's breathing. I spent my precious life making this. Why?

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πŸ˜’ βœ‹ coding education for children to turn out young, plentiful and cheap workforces for tech companies
😎 πŸ‘‰ continuing tech education & community support so people of all ages can take charge of their technology and not be exploited by tech companies & government

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Happy December Solstice to anyone who celebrates it βœ¨πŸ’™

... and if that was altogether too serious for the Monday evening crowd, please know that my cat just farted and totally ruined the moment.

Musing how 2021 was really the year that a whole bunch of the work I did on myself in 2018/19/20 really started to come to fruition.

I'm unrecognisable compared to 2016 me, who in turn was unrecognisable to 2013 me.

A big part of that progress is being able to see it, acknowledge it, and be at peace with it.

Where does one buy big display cases, like museums have, to put a bunch of old tech in? All I seem to be able to find online are tiny ones for the home.

My retro collection may finally be able to find a home on campus.

Just completed my first three months in academia. Setting up a new university is hard, but so far it’s been the best journey of my life.


The gas man just came to check the boiler and give me a new safety certificate.

Time spent checking appliances: 8 minutes.

Time spent talking to my cat as if he were royalty, whilst bowing and telling him how beautiful he is: 22 minutes.

Not the worst half-hour ever.

So excited to go and watch the original Matrix movie tonight at the local IMAX - I remember going to see it in the cinema in 1999 and being obsessed with it.

And now I'm trans. Funny that.

Changed my lock screen wallpaper for the first time in at least two years. This one is so modern I don’t think I ever need to change it again.

Don’t forget this that you don’t have to be the worlds most famous activist to make a difference. Even as we celebrate those in our community who do so much, please remember:

Existing as your true self is radical, and important, and good.

I had the COVID booster vaccination this morning and woah do I feel like rubbish this evening already.

Last two I had were AZ, this one Pfizer. And it has hit me like a ton of... COVID, I guess.

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πŸš„ thank
🚈 you
🚝 for
🚞 providing
πŸš‹ useful
🚌 and
🚎 safe
🚐 community
πŸš‘ services
πŸš’ that
πŸš• anyone
⛴️ can
🚟 use

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@ljwrites I've done it both ways -- monogamy and relationship anarchy (poly), and, like...

neither is really "right" or "wrong" and anyone who tells you that you're "stifling" yourself with monogamy or whatever is not to be trusted.

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We desperately need alternatives to big tech and vc funding.

Co-ops need to be easier to build and fund. We need to get more info out there about how they work. They're really not as inaccessible as you might think.

p.s. reply with "what about blockch*in" for a free block

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