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i'll steam my own clams then, shall i?

CW: medication 

Sometimes trans joy looks like marching for our rights at a protest alongside hundreds of our beautiful and amazing peers.

Other times, like tonight, it's making a veggie bolognaise and watching Star Trek with a friend.

Happy Friday!

ass biology 

job hunting (boosts welcome) 

@somarasu Do we score more points if we tick more than one box?

Idea for an anti-NFT… the NFTree.

You send me £500, and I’ll plant a tree. You won’t own the tree but I’ll send you a photo of it. The planet gets another tree, and you get rid of the money you’d have spent on an NFT.


@ticky Misread as 'working with python on a microwave' and honestly it's more plausable than I'd like it to be in 2022.

The most convincing reason to go vegan, vegan propaganda, a bit of a joke 

@finn isn’t that a brand of soy milk? You need an account to drink it? Capitalism.

Made the most lovely vegan ragu tonight 💪

CE: selfie, eye contact 

CW: selfie, eye contact 

CE: selfie, eye contact 

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