“Autistic people have to do 100% of the compensation for the communication differences that exist between us and non-autistic people.

This is not fair.

And people wonder why we're stressed.” i just stopped compensating (this got me in trouble at work but i don't care at this point)

@LaCrecerelle nooo we’re just not having enough empathy!!!

If we just put in a little more effort into navigating the minefield of human communication everything is gonna be ok 💕

(Joke of it isn’t clear)

@luci @LaCrecerelle I sometimes feel that non-autistic people are the ones who lack empathy. How many autistic bigots are out there? I have never met one. Bigotry just confuses the hell out of me (and all of my friends who are also on the spectrum).

@LaCrecerelle ive had to do this even in group therapy that was lead by supposed autism experts. Had to translate from autistic to neurotypical because we all understood each other but the therapists didn't. And /we/ are supposed to be the ones that have the communication issues??

@artholomeow Urgh, I'm so sorry that you had this experience. Autistic folk like us do NOT have communication issues.

The world has an issue communicating with US and refuses to even consider meeting us in the middle.

Strength and solidarity to you <3

@LaCrecerelle yeah I have a strong suspicion that the reason NTs think we have communication issues is because when we communicate things they just don't believe them (because /they/ wouldn't feel/say things that way so obviously no one would) and eventually we stop trying to communicate because whats even the point

I feel like a lot of us have been gaslit about our own feelings to the point where we don't even know them, or at least definitely don't feel confident expressing anything anymore.

@GiacomoSansoni Start to really dissect and look closely at the power dynamics in communication, and evaluate the expectation you place on words and phrases. Look at how you can address some of the unconcious bias that those things ingrained in society are and then look at your own world - the circles you flow in every day. How can you make them a little more accessible and safe for neurodiverse people?

It's a long road, friend.

@LaCrecerelle hell i've done "translation" for communication differences that exist between multiple groups of people, compensating for difference in understanding of technical knowledge or grasp of english

Or once, between different states of mind caused by differing drugs to get ideas across to each other

@LaCrecerelle it all leads me back to thinking that 'autism' is a really lacking term for the phenomenon we experience

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