Mundane First World Problems 

Most mornings I have granola with a little plant-based yoghurt for breakfast.

I used to get my granola mix from a local shop/cafe, and now that I've moved to a new city I've had to go back to buying generic.

It just doesn't hit the same.

So there's an insight into my morning routine, ruined once again by capitalism.

Mundane First World Problems 

@LaCrecerelle Awww. Can you look for a new local place? That might be kind of a fun thing to do?


Mundane First World Problems 

@enchantedsleeper There's an amazing local food market near me - but with local cases surging right now I'm going to steer clear for a while. Hopefully the pandemic will plateau a bit here soon...

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Mundane First World Problems 

@LaCrecerelle Oooh, yeah, that's very fair. Hope you get to go there soon! 🤞

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