Another blog post about the Service Standard: this one about being a responsible Service Standard assessor

The first story is one of "algorithm cruelty" — a woman skilled in digital privacy techniques tries to keep her pregnancy from digital advertising companies. But it catches up with her at the worse possible time. This reminded me of @Meyerweb's experience and the book he wrote with Sara Wachter-Boettcher.


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Day eight of the BBC Micro advent calendar: it's Sophie Wilson! She created the BBC BASIC language, the operating system and much of the system architecture for the Beeb while working at Acorn. Sophie was awarded a CBE in 2019 for her pioneering work. #AdventOfBeeb #BBCMicro

Come for the computational access, stay for Keith Chegwin being paid by the state to promote eating chips. Part two of my chat with Mark and Leontien is here

Join members of the project team for a panel session focusing on the challenges of curating online health information in the context of the COVID-19 era. Date and time: 19 Jan 2023 at 3:00pm - 5:00pm UTC. Register:

Greetings Digital Preservation Folks:

The World Bank Group is exploring the possibility of implementing a Capstone-like approach to email retention and disposition. We have some questions about implementation. Have you implemented (or do you know of any agencies that have or are in the process of implementing) Capstone? If so, would you be ok if we contact you for a quick chat?

Thanks in advance!!


Congrats to the GOV.UK Design System team today as they published their excellent accessibility strategy!

Make things open: it makes things better

#a11y #accessibility

cancer, death 

‘Don’t waste time’: War Horse composer Adrian Sutton on living with an incurable cancer diagnosis -

Only today found out about the "isutf8" tool, which checks if one or more input files are valid UTF-8.

More info in this blog post from 2012:

(1/2) “Removing harmful labels or offensive pitches does not reform the fundamentally flawed classification assumptions like the idea that we can label people’s identities by lookin at their faces… It’s only by rejecting a narrow conception of ground truth and contending with these underlying dynamics and political economies that drive AI that we can see the full picture…

“… the reduction of context to data, of meaning to statistical pattern recognition” Chilling words from Kate Crawford at on how machine learning “ground truths” can dehumanise and decontextualise data while at the same time propagating the biases and inequalities of its source data sets.

On a more cheery note, there are slides of cute “dogs” of varying definition…

📣The Call for Contributions is now open!

We invite contributions that will develop new directions for preservation research and practice, discuss future trends, and explore new understandings of the changing nature of information.

More info:

Oh, apparently the Open Preservation Foundation is working on a validator for Open Document Format Spreadsheets, looks intriguing 📎 👀

Tasmanian tiger: Remains of last thylacine found in cupboard after 85 years - BBC News

The definitive map for Cardiff is free to view online and can be a useful tool for local/family history. Use the left-hand menu to select different layers. ‘Cardiff History’ includes historic street names - select this and click a red street to find out its former name. Select ‘Planning’ for archive maps from 1963 onwards (then click a box on the map, then the jpg link to view) - e.g. -

Link to definitive map here:

#History #Cardiff #Genealogy

Question for the hivemind: came across what seem to be microfilm cartridges. Is anyone familiar with the carrier form and can tell me whether they are M-Type, ANSI or something different entirely? Also, the label says that they are „NTIS Reference Files: AD Reports“. Does anyone have any info about those reports and knows whether they’ve all been digitized through other means and been made available?

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